About me

sleep disordersHey… Thank you for visiting my website about sleep disorders.

My name is John and I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself to you and  answer the question you may probably be asking “who is behind this recommendation from Melatrol as a solution for sleep disorders?”

Not want to bore you with details of how spent it the last two years because of my insomnia. After having my second child, my rest is altered and began to appear different sleep disorders symptoms, never got more sleep. My life was hell, at work I had no foot and when i came home I was tired and depressed. I was proud to be the father of 2 beautiful children, but I needed to find a solution to enjoy my family, feel better and work well.

Honestly, I never heard to speak about Melatrol until by chance, my neighbor spoke to me about it when I was telling him that the doctor had spoken to me about surgery because he was thinking that my sleep disorders were caused by an anomaly in my respiratory system.

Checked the internet and found a couple of comments that spoke of a natural aid to sleep, as I had nothing to lose I decided to try it. After 2 weeks of using it, my life changed. I was very impressed and very happy, I went back to sleep!

All the sleep disorers list finished, no more insomnia, sleep apnea symptoms, etc. I started to enjoy with my family. I was so happy, I decided to create this website to publicize Melatrol, the solution that ended with my sleep disorders and returned me the life. I hope that i can help you. You can contact me here  if you want.